What are dental implants

Simply, dental implants are titanium posts with a false tooth (or teeth) attached on top. They are embedded into the patient’s jawbone in order to create a strong, long-lasting replacement for missing teeth.

An individual crown, bridge, or denture can then be cemented to the portion of the post which protrudes above the gum line. Among the other alternatives to replace missing teeth, dental implants offer the most stability and long-term results.

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Dental Implants Hamilton - What are dental implants

How dental implants work

During your dental implant consultation at GDC Implant & Denture Centre, Dr. Stewart and our treatment coordinators will put together a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure the best results for your treatment. The dental implant procedure is a three part process:

1 Placing the implant

The dental implant, usually a cylindrical and/or tapered post made of titanium, is surgically placed into the jawbone.

2 Installing the abutment

Once the implant is settled in, your surgeon will then install a post known as an abutment into the implant.

3 Restoration

Finally, a prosthetic tooth will be created and attached to the implants to restore natural functionality and aesthetics.

Accelerated healing process for Dental Implants

FDA cleared advanced technology that accelerates healing for dental implants

The GDC Implant & Denture Centre uses advanced technology which is capable of accelerating the healing period for dental implants. We use the A-PRP & i-PRP Harvest Technology System to produce leukocyte and platelet rich fibrin. This dramatically reduces the requirements necessary for patients to become candidates for dental implants.

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Guided implant surgery for best placement

  • Higher success rates
  • Same-day navigated surgery
  • Quick treatments & planning

Our advanced dental technology and equipment allow Dr. Stewart to maximize your dental implant results. As one of the go-to offices for dental implants in Hamilton, we are devoted to staying ahead of the curve in implant dentistry.

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Candidates for dental implants

Almost anyone who has lost a tooth, several teeth, or even all of his teeth is a prime candidate for dental implants. Obviously, each patient has specific needs. At the GDC Implant & Denture Centre, we thoroughly evaluate each candidate to determine the most appropriate plan of dental treatment. We will assess each patient’s specific dental conditions and determine the treatment approach that would provide the best long-term functional and aesthetic result.

Implant dentistry candidates will need to have healthy gums and adequate bone in order to support the restoration. A full evaluation by our Hamilton area implant dentist, Dr. Stewart, will help determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants. For more information, schedule an appointment today.

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Dental implants in Hamilton ON

Implant Dentistry Benefits

  • Dental implants restore chewing function
  • Implant-supported tooth replacements will not move or loosen
  • Dental implants prevent bone loss
  • Unlike other restorations, implant dentistry does not damage other healthy teeth.
  • Dental implants eliminate the irritation and pain in gums as a result from dentures
  • Dental implants can improve your speech


Why dental implants are so effective

Restoring the natural function and aesthetics to your smile, dental implants – available at our Hamilton dental practice – are tooth-like replacements embedded directly into the jawbone and designed to function as a sturdy anchor for beautiful cosmetic restorations.

With implant dentistry, patients missing one, two, or several teeth no longer need to accept a lifetime of inconvenience and embarrassment. Implant-supported bridges, crowns, and dentures provide the security and function of permanently placed teeth. Dental implants replace missing teeth with ones that look, feel, and perform like his own.

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like the ability to smile, speak, and eat again with the comfort and confidence, then dental implants are your answer. Our Hamilton area implant dentist, Dr. Grover has been helping patients reshape smiles for many years. For additional information about implant dentistry, contact us today.

Dental Implants in Hamilton, ON

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Majority of adults at one time or another will lose a tooth. Many people, whether it is due to neglect, trauma, or just old age, will lost many or all teeth. Missing teeth can have a dramatic impact not only on a person’s appearance, but also on the self-confidence and overall health. Dental implants are designed to look and feel like your natural teeth. The first step towards improving your life and restoring your smile through implant dentistry is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stewart. To meet with our skilled Hamilton area implant dentist, contact us today.

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